Now you can Partner with the Top-name in Life and Relationship Coaching

Whether you are considering a career change and starting your own business, or wanting to add a recognized brand-name to your already existing coaching practice, you owe it to yourself to learn how to become a certified life coach with Mars Venus Coaching.

The Mars Venus Coaching Programs were founded on the principles of John Gray, PhD., an internationally recognized expert in the fields of communication and relationships. As a coach, you will help others define their goals, and assist them in formulating a plan for their life. Begin your success story by becoming a Mars Venus Coach today.

Are you ready to have a STRONG brand name connected to your new or existing coaching practice?

Are you ready to STOP being the best-kept secret in coaching?

Are you ready to START your OWN BUSINESS and make a living sharing the knowledge of the preeminent expert in relationships, communications and gender intelligence?

For the first time, I am recruiting quality people to join my team as life coaches with Mars Venus Coaching. If you think you have what it takes to make a real difference in people’s lives by teaching and sharing the Mars Venus communications and relationship principles, then you owe it to yourself and others to join me.

  • Are you frustrated because you KNOW you’re supposed to be making a HUGE difference in the world, and instead you’re playing “small” or slaving away working for someone else. What do you need to do to start playing the bigger game you know you’re meant to?
  • Are you frustrated that you can’t seem to earn the sort of salary you think you deserve, or charge clients what you think you are worth, and therefore are barely scraping by.
  • Are you frustrated because you are having difficulty getting and keeping clients. What could you do to attract and keep more clients?
  • Are you frustrated that you don’t have enough revenue streams. If you are like most existing or aspiring coaches, you rely entirely on 1-on-1 coaching. While that’s rewarding, it is highly inefficient and you are leaving money on the table.
  • Are you frustrated that your coaching practice is designed around 1-on-1 one coaching, and you don’t have the more efficient workshops, seminars and group coaching to offer.
  • Are you frustrated that YOU ARE YOUR BRAND, and not enough people have heard of YOU. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a brand name behind you. A brand name that people automatically knew, respected and that opened doors to new possibilities and clients?
  • Are you frustrated that your coaching certification hasn’t opened the doors you thought it would.

Then I have the SOLUTION for you. That is, if you qualify to become a part of my team.



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