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How To Choose The Best Coaching School

Mars Venus Coaching CEO Rich Bernstein Expert Interview on the topic: “How To Choose The Best Coaching School.” Are you looking to launch a new exciting career as a business coach or as a life coach? Do you need the services of a coaching school to help you realize that dream? Choosing the right school […]

Tag Saab – Mars Venus Coaching Review

Tag Saab posted this Mars Venus Coaching review on Google: The only coaching program where one can feel involved and cared for as human first as a fellow coach second and as a student third. It is worth every penny compared to other courses I took that were waste of money and time.

Kornélia Németh – Mars Venus Coaching Review

Kornélia Németh posted this Mars Venus Coaching review on Google: I came to Rich to learn good methodology in coaching, and with that I could be able to help my clients in better quality. This expectation of mine was fulfilled during the training. The support I get from them since is still very helpful in […]

Anatolij Desko – Mars Venus Coaching Review

Anatolij Desko posted this Mars Venus Coaching review on Google: This special training exceeded all my expectations. The mentor/teacher has a great experience in how to share the knowledge and helps to implement that in practice step by step. I am thankful and feel lucky that found this opportunity.

Scott Lippitt – Mars Venus Coaching Review

Scott Lippitt posted this Mars Venus Coaching review on Google: Mars Venus Coaching’s training and support are outstanding. The training is quite thorough and gives you all the tools you need to be successful, and the support makes sure you experience coaching and accountability the same way your clients do. I have not met a […]