Melanie Brons – Mars Venus Coaching Review

Melanie Brons posted this Mars Venus Coaching review on Google:

Mars Venus Coaching was a great experience and I learned a lot about life and relationships!


Tibor Kerner – Mars Venus Coaching Review

It was my best business decision, when I joined MVC two years ago. We were a struggling little training firm, when we found the Mars Venus opportunity. Our revenue was more than doubled since then, so every penny of the investment was worth it.

What I like most in Mars Venus Coaching is the step-by-step system. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel, or figure out what will work and what won’t. It’s enough to follow the system, which already proved to be successful in so many countries.

Training at Mars Venus Coaching is very practical. Everything I learned I was able to use it immediately in my coaching work. There is also a huge amount of useful information on the MVC website, it took me several months to read and watch everything.

The support we get from Mars Venus Coaching is extraordinary. Every time I have a question, I get the answer in a couple of hours, even when it is asked out of regular office hours.

I’m especially grateful that I have the chance to work personally with Rich Bernstein, CEO of Mars Venus Coaching, because he changed completely my way of thinking about business and about life, too. Rich is a very likeable person with strong assertive communication skills and he is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in my whole business career. His confident attitude shines through everything he does, making him a great business partner and an excellent mentor.

Our quality of life improved significantly since we are connected to Mars Venus Coaching. Thanks to Rich, we changed our attitude towards life. Now we live a lifestyle where work can fit in, and not the other way around.

We are sure that our future looks bright with Mars Venus Coaching. As we see our coach network and our revenue stream steadily grow from month to month, it always reinforces our belief that we made the right decision, when we took the Mars Venus Coaching opportunity.

Tibor Kerner
Life & Business Coach
Budapest, Hungary

Nayyer Abdul Rab – Mars Venus Coaching Review

Nayyer Abdul Rab posted this Mars Venus Coaching review on Google:

Becoming a Mars Venus Coach was a tremendous learning experience for me. While I was able to help my clients achieve their life and business goals, I also learnt how to be a better human being and how do I transform my own life. The biggest benefit of this whole process went to my family where my wife found a better husband and my children got a better father. And the feeling of being able to help others is priceless.

Nayyer Abdul Rab continues his testimonial:

It has just been a little more than a year that I am associated with Mars Venus Coaching Program (MVC). But the amount of learning that has taken place in this year alone and the positive difference it has created in the quality of my relationship with my own family members is tremendous. And this is in addition to what all I learned on how to coach people. This learning is a process by itself where you get an opportunity to self-reflect, work and improve your own life before working with others.

Among the other skills that I acquired from the MVC, I believe the most powerful and worth mentioning was the Narrative Therapy that enabled me develop the clarity in the minds of the clients about what they want. And I must say that Richard Bernstein is exceptionally good at it. He is a great coach and sincerely extended the value to me while I learned to become a coach.

Another reason for me to join the MVC was their support program. It is the most comprehensive post-learning support program that I have seen so far – it does not leave you in the middle of nowhere once you have become a coach. Instead, it continuously supports you establish your own practice and helps you learn how to handle tough client situations once you are on your own.

And one last but important thought… At the outset, the program looked quite expensive. But very soon I realized it was worth the investment. Welcome to the family of MV Coaches. I wish you all the best !!!

Nayyer Abdul Rab
Certified Business & Life Coach
Connect with me: LinkedIn

Yasmin Al-Thary – Mars Venus Coaching Review

Yasmin Al-Thary posted this Mars Venus Coaching review on Google:

I came to Rich to become a great coach but I learned how to be human. He brought out the best of me. He taught me about respect to people and their stories, he taught me to appreciate every person for who they are and never judge anyone by the cover. He taught me that people are not what they show, their true gem is hidden under all these layers and masks and its my job as a coach to help my clients remove all these layers so they shine bright and live the life they were born to live and the one they truly deserve: a life of true fulfillment and joy.

Yasmin Al-Thary
Mars Venus Life Success Coach
Mars Venus Coaching