John GrayJohn Gray, Ph.D.
Brand Founder
Resides in California, USA

John is the world’s foremost authority on psychology, gender communication, and personal and professional growth. For over 30 years, John has taught his Mars Venus seminars around the world, entertaining, educating, and inspiring his audiences with practical insights on how to be more successful financially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. He is the author of 16 best-selling books and has become one of the world’s most sought-after media identities and celebrities.


Rich BernsteinRich Bernstein
President & CEO
Based in US Global Office

Rich comes to Mars Venus Coaching with a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years. He has owned and/or managed companies in varied industries; both private as well as publicly traded. Rich has been active in the coaching industry since 2003, and has functioned as a support manager as well as a global sales director internationally. His background in sales, support, marketing, and business management makes Rich uniquely qualified to help licensees and business owners learn important strategies for business successes. Rich has a full complement of skills and experience in marketing, sales processes, financial models, time management techniques, and team building.


Husam Al-Eid
Corporate Trainer
Based in Saudi Arabia

Husam brings 25 years of experience in banking, coaching, human resource management, information systems, operational risk, procurement, project management, quality management, sales and training.
Practical experience in leading teams and managing projects of business process improvement and information systems.

Highly developed skills in budgeting, change management, cost optimization, customer satisfaction, management reporting, organizational excellence, problem solving, quality management and strategic management.

Comprehension of all human resource management functions, related best practices and regulations.

High proficiency level in vital competencies including brainstorming, coaching, communication, decision making, leadership, motivation and negotiation.

Expertise in most banking products, operations and related regulations.

Professional and expert trainer with extensive experience in developing and delivering training programs (using effective persuasive speaking skills and creative training techniques) in problem solving and quality management.


Amy KamstraAmy Kamstra
Executive Assistant, Media Relations Manager
Based in US Global Office

Amy’s background consists of a wide range of diverse business knowledge. Her past experiences include working with a high profile non-profit organization, where she received an Excellence in Customer Service Award. She worked directly with the marketing department in order to manage donations and fundraisers.

Later, Amy accepted a position with a well known global Business Coaching Company. She was quickly promoted to the Training Manager, with her final title being Logistics Manager. Amy was the lead in managing three vital departments to include the monthly training program, U.S. held events and global shipping and receiving. She also worked closely with North American coaches to provide varying degrees of support.

More recently, she excelled as a Legal Assistant for a major business development company in Las Vegas, where she worked consistently with regulations and investors to ensure all state and federal requirements were being followed.

At Mars Venus Success Coaching, Amy provides support to all Mars Venus Coaches as well as the President and CEO. Her main focus is Media Relations. She manages all social media for the corporate office as well as marketing and public relations. Currently she is aggressively pursuing a degree in Journalism.



Lyndsay Katauskas
Corporate Media Relations
Based in Virginia, USA

Lyndsay’s drive, leadership, and ability to hold people accountable when implementing action plans comes from years of experience leading midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy and young marines as a Marine Corps combat engineer officer. Her discipline and determination for excellence is based on years of training her mind and body to push past perceived limits while competing in road and mountain bike racing, triathlons, and marathons.

She obtained her masters in counseling where Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society recognized her research, curriculum development, and passion for counseling. Lyndsay used cognitive neuroscience of change modality and solution-focused brief therapy for individual and group counseling at the elementary and high school levels, as well as mental health and substance abuse outpatient treatment centers. She enjoys working with military families whether it’s educating or providing support to families with deployed family members.

Lyndsay also teaches life and resiliency skills using Active Relationships curriculum to singles, couples, and families–specializing in military families. Her theoretical approach to counseling and frequent moves as a military spouse led her to the Mars Venus Coaching Program. It enables her to run her own coaching and consulting business, stay at home with her children, and her clientele is able to move with her. The Mars Venus brand aligns with her passion of promoting global awareness to help everyone achieve their absolute potential through accountability and education.

Lyndsay excels at offering encouragement, creating and implementing 90 day action plans, and holding clients accountable to follow through on their actions. She enjoys coaching, because she puts the latest brain research into action. She explains brain plasticity to clients to help shift focus from the past, into living in the present. In the present clients learn new skills, identify how to make changes, and then take steps toward controlling the future of their dreams. The results make for profound changes in people’s lives.


John Larson
Digital Marketing Strategist
Based in US Global Office

John Larson is an online marketing strategist and founder of John Larson Marketing, a Las Vegas based agency that offers online strategies and internet marketing services. His combination of psychology and analytics based approach has helped small and medium size business owners and entrepreneurs generate leads, attract customers and drive sales using the internet, social media and online advertising. He is a regular contributor to a variety of industry publications and top industry forums. Outside of providing meaningful platforms and marketing services, John has made it his mission to educate entrepreneurs on how to take advantage of the new digital world.


Rosa Maria Botran
Corporate Trainer
Based in Central America

Rosa María Botrán joins Mars Venus Coaching as the type of person that has always looked for ways to help other people. One experience in particular taught her a great lesson: Be aware – you never know whose life you are going to touch. This had prompted her to acquire new programs and learn new techniques to assist other people in creating a better life. She has attended many personal development seminars, which have helped her improve her own life as well as those of others in a very positive way. Rosa´s natural curiosity and drive to help people led her to become an NLP trainer. She utilized this to successfully coach sports people to make changes within themselves in order to improve their ‘game’ performance, and she’s trained teachers to assist their students in learning new methods to better learning skills.

Rosa brings to Mars Venus Coaching a degree in Marketing, two MBAs, and after more than 20 years of working successfully in the corporate world, Rosa felt the need to pursue her real passion – that of helping people lead better lives. Becoming a Mars Venus Coach has given her the additional tools and skills to help others create the life they dream of and deserve by utilizing the latest coaching techniques to assist her clients in achieving their goals. Aside from direct coaching, Rosa facilitates workshops and seminars to improve relationships, both personally and within the work place.


Jessy Keller-LozanoJessy Keller-Lozano
Corporate Trainer
Based in Central America

Jessica is a Psychologist and has 24 years experience as a therapist. She has also been certified in Systemic Therapy by the Bert Hellinger Institute in Mexico and has been working with individuals as well as groups, helping them understand how, the behavior of the systems affects our lives. She has a specialty in Bonding Therapy which has given her the opportunity of working in hospitals and other institutions, helping mothers understand the importance of bonding with their new born child.

Also trained in Hypnosis by the Erickson Institute in Mexico. Jessica has always been very committed in helping others transform their ideas and help them live their lives more fully and satisfactorily. So threw out her career and by working with different types of people she realized that a great number of them had no satisfying relationships and a great need to understand gender differences. In 1999 she becomes a certified Mars Venus Counselor and for the past 11 years she has been helping people transform their relationships using Mars and Venus concepts among other technique. Jessica has always been a business owner so she understands the challenges businesses go through and therefore her interest in Mars Venus coaching principals to help others achieve their goals.


Pam LippittPamela Lippitt
Corporate Trainer
Based in Colorado, USA

From fast track to mommy track back to fast track. Pam is a partner with Dr. John Gray, world famous author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, Mars and Venus in the Workplace, and other best-selling books. She is a Mars Venus Coaching Licensee for Colorado and a certified Mars Venus business and executive success coach.

After graduating from Ithaca College in NY, Pam spent 13 years at top New York and Baltimore advertising agencies; managing multi-million dollar accounts like Pan American Airlines, Bufferin, Aspirin, Gorton’s of Gloucester and Ford. Like many women, she then traded it all in to stay at home with her two boys. However, staying at home never really was “staying at home”….it turned into freelance marketing work and never ending volunteer opportunities; ranging from helping create a new domestic violence organization, co-authoring a cookbook for Children’s Hospital of Denver, and fundraising for multiple schools, Children’s Hospital and most recently, the Kidney Foundation of Colorado.

Mars Venus Coaching takes full advantage of her business and personal experiences. Her Mars Venus coach training, as well as her background in marketing, advertising and motherhood helps her to coach others, particularly women, to make more money, be more productive and find the balanced life we all want and deserve.